Do you struggle with human resource needs that you simply don't have the time, expertise or resources to address effectively? You are not alone, many small to mid-sized companies lack the resources to effectively address day-to-day human resources issues. The considerable time and effort spent on human resources issues can make it difficult to focus on growing your business and meeting your customers needs.


AMHR Advisors provides a variety of HR consulting services for small- to mid-sized companies. Our solutions are customized to individual client needs. Our services can be delivered independently or as integrated bundles to give clients the flexibility and expertise they need, when they need it. Our services include, but are not limited to:

Employee Experience

Employee experience can have a significant impact on engagement, performance and reputation. We can provide services in the areas of:

· Job Descriptions

· Hiring Procedures

· Employee Orientation and On-Boarding

· Employee Benefits

· Employee Relations and Communications

· Employee Training

· Employee Recognition Programs

· Recruitment and Retention Strategies

· Investigations and Disciplinary Actions

· Termination Procedures and Exit Interviews

Human Resources Strategic Development

As your organization grows, the need for specialized knowledge to maintain compliance with employment law and regulations becomes more important. We can help create a function or work with your existing resources to improve effectiveness. We support clients in the areas of:

· HR Department Set-Up

· Audit and Compliance

· Employee Handbooks and Policies

· HR Coaching

· Payroll 

· Policy and Procedure Review

· Personnel File Development

Regulatory Compliance

Many companies don't recognize the vital role of Human Resources until a crisis occurs.  Failure to recognize potential causes of action for wrongful discharge, employment discrimination, pay discrimination, or other non-compliance issues regarding federal and state employment laws can produce disastrous results.

We can assist with: 

· ERISA Compliance

· FLSA Exempt Status Reviews

· Form I-9 Audit

· EEOC Compliance